Lowlines is a 100% independent, 100% female production that follows me, Petra Barran, as I travels solo through the Americas, meeting people with profound connections to the places they’re from.

New to the audio game, I dreamt up Lowlines after feeling pranged out and at constant mosquito pitch by the London business hustle. I was looking for a different frequency so I bought a £100 Tascam recorder and set off without an itinerary to record a podcast with no script, no studio and no production team - just a deeply felt urge to GET LOW.

The bank of tape I collected was raw and rough - but all anchored to conversations around what it means to tune into the ground beneath our feet. On my return to the UK I sought out an award-winning production duo to help craft Lowlines into an immersive and textured series, created as a sonic scrapbook and a passport to roam!

The response to our show has been so encouraging - so heartfelt and body-felt! We want to explore it further: Lowlines, Season Two is currently in development : )


Petra Barran

I’m a pavement pounder and juice seeker, and my life and career has been driven by a love of people and following my gut. From sailing the seas as a stewardess on superyachts to exploring the UK in her choc-mobile; geeking out on cities via a masters in Urban Studies to creating the UK’s first street food collective. I founded street food organisation, KERB, in 2012 and stepped away in 2023, following this pull to get closer to the ground. Lowlines is the start of building a place to explore this.


Lucia is an award winning audio producer/sound artist and principle of Social Broadcasts. Social Broadcasts empowers audio to weave conversational stories and interpersonal narratives that illustrate, examine and explore wider social themes. Driven by creating engaging participatory radio and audio experiences that are ‘audioscaped’ into imaginative on and off-line broadcast initiatives, much of Lucia’s work explores our relationship with place and the evolving environments around us. Lucia is also the founder and curator of xmtr.fm a sonic storytelling portal for independent audio makers.


Lina is a former documentaries commissioning editor at Channel 4 and Al Gore’s Current TV who has developed, produced, executive produced and commissioned commercial, public service and award-winning branded factual content both on screen and in audio. In 2022 she was named Lifestyle and Society Producer of the Year at the Audio Production Awards. In 2020 she founded mission-led audio production company Scenery Studios – the company launched with The Long Time Academy which took Best Independent Podcast 2022 at the ARIAs and Moment of Visionary Leadership at the IWPAs.


Hannah Marshall – Score
Jobina Tinnemans – Mastering
David Mascha – Artwork
Another Kind Studio – Web Design
Make A Spectacle – Web Development