I take another hit of my funky scarf, wanting those spores inside me, to travel with me for a bit longer - to ward off the looming pasteurisation...


Out of the container of funk where everything was like this moving compost heap, being turned over and over by all the life within its busy layers. Out of the place where Maestra Estela and her family tune into the plant information highway with their thousands year old roots in the jungle. Out of the part of me that was feeling the boundaries between my body and where I was start to disappear…

Towards comfort and temperature controlled rooms, hot running water, spiced foods and on-demand TV. A quick satisfying of all those needs but it didn’t last. Ran out of steam somehow as soon as it was achieved and soon gave way to a resounding mutedness that felt chilling. There was no pulse, not in that rich and rhythmic way that I realised as soon as it was gone had been dancing along my nervous system all that time.

And what do you do about that? When you know you need to go back into that more Tupperware-like container where sound is compressed – and yet also high-pitch and in random competition, rather than, as Josh Shrei says, in “oscillating interlocking harmonies”? I was told when I left the jungle that the work really starts when you leave and learn how to ‘integrate’ everything. I’m not even sure what that means a lot of the time but I do know that the more open and alert I stay to what’s beneath all the stimulation and consumption of information, the more I can feel things.

Thank you for following these Lowlines with me! It’s been so good hearing about all the different threads that have been pulled from this first season. We deliberately haven’t offered up neat conclusions or brought in experts to talk at you. We wanted it to feel like a trip you could plug into and take what you wanted from, cruising along at your own pace.

All these different people and places we’ve visited in Lowlines – their energy has a home here now and I love that.

From the Americas back to Blighty, via a frenetic Houston airport – now I’m home and it feels like the place to be for now. Getting ready to get out there again and see what lowlines I can find in my own backyard to follow and bring back for the next series. The orientation to move lower continues and its pulse feels deep and lively!