A sonic scrapbook, a passport to roam, following a pull to tune into the pulse of place

Do you ever feel like you need to get...lower?

The LOWLINES podcast follows one woman's call to do just that. To move down from her pranged-out head, plant her feet back on the ground and let herself be drawn deep into magnetic places - befriending strangers along the way

No planning, no agenda...just a Tascam recorder and a bit of curiosity

Series one of this sonic scrapbook offers a holiday for the ears - to the bouncy, swampy streets of New Orleans, the low-slung wetlands of Plaquemines Parish, the slow gyrations of the Amtrak to Tucson

And further down to the brittle rasp of the Sonoran desert, the rich, volcanic soil of Mexico City’s Aztec allotments and the soaring jungle chorus of the Peruvian Amazon...

LOWLINES could be a bit of you if… 

You feel a bit digital and distracted

You enjoy the idea of roaming

You’re curious about the personality of place - how different places make us move, feel and behave

You just fancy a lil sonic cruise, without agenda or neat conclusions


Lowlines is created and hosted by Petra Barran – long time pavement pounder, place geek and food entrepreneur

The series is produced by Lucia Scazzocchio of Social Broadcasts and Executive-Produced by Lina Prestwood of Scenery Studios